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About fcc.today

fcc.today uses functionality built by REC Networks originally to watch the status of Low Power FM applications in the wake of the 2013 filing window. This functionality was eventually expanded to look at all CDBS and LMS supported radio services including full power FM, FM translator, AM and television services.

Every 10 minutes during the business day, all statuses that are reported by the FCC through updates in the CDBS and LMS systems are picked up by the REC system and kept in a log. You can see the status logs for some recent applications at fccdata.org.

The fcc.today desktop version allows you to view either radio activity, TV activity or both. Just click on the view you want to see. Ownership report activity only appears in the full Radio & TV view.

fcc.today is divided into four sections:

The latest news items from the FCC.

Broadcast Actions
Updated every 10 minutes throughout the business day. This list is sorted by service. Listings highlighted in yellow were updated in the past 30 minutes so you will always have the latest updates. Clicking on the call sign will bring up the record in fccdata.org where you can view the current application. For FM records, you will see the changes in the service contour as a result of the application. Clicking on the application reference number opens the application record at the FCC's website. Clicking these links will open a new window.

Broadcast Applications
These are the applications that come in from the previous business day. Like with Broadcast Actions, clicking the call sign takes you to the record at fccdata.org and clicking on the FCC application reference number takes you to the application record at the FCC. If the FCC takes action on an application, the information will move up into the Broadcast Actions section of the page.

Recent Legal Filings and Actions
Updated once per day, this section shows the various pleadings such as Informal Objections, Petitions to Deny, Petitions for Reconsideration, Applications for Review and subsequent responsive pleadings from the past 7 days.

Federal Register
Items regarding the Federal Communications Commission published in the last 7 days in the Federal Register.

On the weekends, fcc.today shows a static page of all of the broadcast actions from the past week sorted by service an application type. At this time, only CDBS data shows in the weekend presentation.

How can I support this site?
First of all, spread the word about the site for those who need a very inexpensive way to track their applications as well as their competitors. You can always wait a few days for the information to show up in the FCC's public notices or pay some service a ton of money for similar services or you can sit back, relax and watch your Audio and Video Divisions at work!

You can support this site financially by clicking on the Donate link. Some users of REC's services have set up monthly payment arrangements through PayPal. No matter how big or small, whatever you think this service is worth to you, please support us.

Thank you for using fcc.today!

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